Payments through JOINGO and Sightline sign Contract for Virtual Gambling Platform

The financial technology firm Sightline Payments, which provides digital payment solutions for the gaming and gambling industries, has just announced the acquisition of JOINGO. The latter is ahead of the pack when it comes to providing online casinos with mobile engagement and loyalty networks.

More than a hundred North American operators are currently using JOINGO. It’s the first mobile app solution tailored specifically for the iGaming market. Casino brands may now engage with mobile users directly through unique mobile loyalty solutions provided by the company. These efforts have boosted customer loyalty, audience size, and revenue.


Stronger Personal Interactions

Sightline Payments CEO Joe Pappano has stated that the purchase will allow his company to offer more comprehensive payment solutions to customers. He went on to say that Sightline is aware of how important it is to improve the mobile experience of casino visitors in order to increase the popularity of cashless gambling. Mr. Pappano went on to explain that Sightline welcomes the JOINGO team and that the two companies plan to work together to improve the digital transformation of the online casino customer experience.


CEO Mike McManus of JOINGO stated that the combination of these two companies would give the industry with substantial resources and expertise, speeding up product development efforts. The two companies have a large number of joint gaming industry clients, and working together will allow them to provide significant value to those clients.


The Nuances of the Agreement

With this purchase, Sightline can deliver a wider variety of products and services to customers in North America, including essential cashless gaming solutions. These solutions will encourage more people to visit specific locations, which in turn will boost revenue.


Furthermore, this agreement will aid in growing Sightline’s proven portfolio of value-added solutions. In order to increase profits and streamline operations, the corporation will shift its attention to other forms of online gambling.


Sightline announced the closing of a $100 million fundraising round in April of 2021. Organizational competencies in the areas of systems, people, technology, and marketing were the target of the fundraising effort. Vectr Ventures, Point Break Capital, Searchlight Capital Partners, Cannae Holdings, and Walter Kortschak are just few of the key investors who contributed to the investment round.

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