Social Selling Meetup

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Social Selling Meetup

Time: 9th February starting at 18pm

Location: Solinor Oy, Teollisuuskatu 21, Helsinki



Aki Koikkalainen, CEO, Solinor Oy

1. Social Selling Tips & Tricks

Mikko Seppä, CEO, Advance B2B

2. Sharing knowledge and building thought leadership to support sales

Ville Vuorinen, Head of Marketing, Agile Search

3. Analytics based social selling

Jaakko Paalanen, Head of Partnerships, Leadfeeder


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Venue (and free beer) provided by Solinor Oy, thanks!


Sales Engineering in a Multicultural World

Next Sales Engineering Finland meetup will be held at Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki, Monday 16th November at 5pm. Register here.



The Agenda

1. Selling in Finland as a Foreigner
Troy Woodson, Managing Partner, CBW Global Oy (TwitterLinkedIn)

2. Selling Abroad as a Finn
Jussi Iipponen, CEO, PokDok Oy (TwitterLinkedIn)

3. When Engineers Are Given Right to Sell
Petri Aukia, CEO, Codento Oy (TwitterLinkedIn)