Marketing Technology Evening, 1st of September

Image from Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Groman123

The agenda


Build The Engine – How to Automate your Marketing and Sales? 

Jouni Koistinen, CEO of Idealmarkkinointi

Jouni is sales and marketing, especially inbound marketing and marketing automation specialist and the CEO of Idealmarkkinointi.


Lessons learnt of gaining traction in the global market on a bootstrap budget and doing agile sales and marketing experiments

Sami Suni, Founder and CEO of Showell (Twitter)

Sami has worked in sales, marketing and project management positions for almost 15 years. His passion is to innovate and turn those innovations into sellable products and services.


How to make a product demo that stands out

Oscar Santolalla, Host and Producer of the public speaking podcast Time to Shine (Twitter)

Oscar has spent more than three years as a Product Manager in the software industry. Either onstage or on blogs he advocates making technical presentations and product demos that engage and inspire.


We are planning to have professional streaming of the event by Jarmo Lahti from Infocrea Oy (Twitter).

Infocrea Oy offers streaming and recorded video based journalistic multimedia content services. Infocrea´s Jarmo Lahti has long experience in leading Finnish trade publishing companies beginning from the end of 1970´s.


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We’ll be back: 1st of September

Happy summer everyone! The next Meetup will take place 1st of September with theme “Marketing Technology”. We will familiarise ourselves with marketing automation and especially HubSpot with Jouni Koistinen from Idealmarkkinointi. Rest of the agenda is open for you suggestions, please share your ideas!

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Sales pitch and presentation design workshop, June 11th 2015

Hitler kuulee..
Hitler kuulee että pitäisi myydä ja markkinoida.

We will be run a Sales pitch and presentation design workshop on Thursday June 11th 2015 at Cybercom. Doors will open at 17:30 and presentations start at 18:00.

1. Ville Virtanen: Recipes for a tech product sales pitch

Ville is proven and internationally recognized cloud and mobile services strategist, business developer, consultant and researcher with over 10 years of work experience in 5 countries, from Silicon Valley across Sophia Antipolis to Helsinki and NYC in industry leading companies and academia.

Ville on LinkedIn and Twitter.

2. Janne Korhonen: Sales pitch case study

Janne is the founder of Sales Engineering Finland. He sold his first software product at age of 12 and has been doing technical sales and business development professionally for 10+ years in variety of environments.

Janne on LinkedIn and Twitter.

3. Timo Sorri: How to escape Death by PowerPoint

Bullet points. Text slides. Irritating special effects. If that’s what you thought about PowerPoint, think again. Timo is a presentation designer and the founder of presentation design agency Havain. He helps his customers, from small ones to global corporates and public institutions, in turning their ideas into compelling and understandable visual stories.

Timo on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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