Welcome to the first #SEF meetup

Image by Martin Fisch (Flickr)
Image by Martin Fisch (Flickr)

Welcome to the first Sales Engineering Finland Meetup which will be held 24th February 2015 at Knowit Oy (Tehtaankatu 27-29 D, Helsinki) at 6-8pm.

We have pleasure to have two interesting guests giving us speeches. After and in between the speeches we’ll have good time for discussion and networking.

The Agenda

Janne Korhonen: Opening Words for Sales Engineering Finland

Janne at LinkedIn and Twitter.

1. Jarkko Kurvinen: How to build thought leadership

Jarkko Kurvinen, Chief Marketing Officer and Content Strategist in marketing company Plutoni. Jarkko is a passionate marketing evangelist and advocate for content marketing, social businesses and digital revolution. He is working with varying small and medium-sized companies to meet their business objectives. To keep himself busy, Jarkko is also the author of the books Blogimarkkinointi, a book dealing with blog marketing, and Mielipidejohtaja, his newest piece about thought leadership.

Jarkko at LinkedIn and Twitter.

2. Severi Hämäri: How to find sweet spots in customer’s thinking? Introducing some ancient but useful rhetoric tools

Severi Hämäri is the teacher in charge of School of Rhetoric, rhetoric, mathematics and philosophy teacher and PhD student. He is preparing thesis on the philosophy of language. 

Severi at the blog of Schoolf of Rhetoric andTwitter.

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