Sales Engineering Finland

Creative Commons Attribution 2.0, original from darkday

Selling has changed. Today, it’s less about cold calling and hard closing and more about providing true value. Customers are doing the first two-thirds of their buying process online, and the Internet has equalized the information asymmetry between buyers and sellers.

One could be forgiven for thinking that the demand for selling has come crashing down. Actually, the opposite is true. As Daniel Pink put it: “In today’s world we’re all salespeople, selling is human.” Even if we’re not in a direct sales role, a big share of our work is persuading, influencing, and convincing others.

In this new transparent world, a vendor with genuine interest in helping customers, standing by them, and sharing insights will be successful. This is an excellent opportunity for engineers and subject matter experts to stand out.

Unfortunately, we still see selling as sleazy, cheesy, and slimy. Finland has superior engineers, but without sales and marketing, we will become an economy of subsidiaries. This is a well-understood fact: the last organization to come out with it was the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries.

But change doesn’t happen top down. It will start from the grassroots level by individuals who have adopted the new mindset and will lead the way. And as in many phenomena, the forerunners will get the best harvest.

That’s why I founded Sales Engineering Finland. It is a peer-to-peer networking group for engineers and subject matter experts in, or interested in, sharpening sales skills. There is no organization or hidden agenda behind the group, and everyone is welcome to participate.

Check out Sales Engineering Finland at and spread the word!

BTW, if you’re interested in speaking at an event, sponsoring a venue, sharing new ideas, or supporting us in any other way, please contact me.