Account Management Meetup, 4th September

What does it mean to move from new customer hunting to account management? What is the difference? What are the best practices for account management? What is technical account management, and the role of technical specialists in account management?
We’re hosting a talk with topics that will help us answer some of these questions.

The event starts at 17:30, but feel free to come a bit earlier.
How to find us: Annankatu 34 B. There are several entrances, make sure to be at entrance B. After you press the doorbell, wait for a buzzing sound and before attempting to open the door please wait just one second (the door opens with some delay). We’re on 8th floor.

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Talks / Speakers:

First talk:
You, Team, Project, Client | Michael Samarin (Vice President, Head of Software Development at Futurice)

Continuous communication is the key to systematic success in projects and growing individual projects to large accounts. However, do we really understand each other roles when communicating? In this talk, we will discuss the importance of understanding individual roles and team dynamics, project or account transparency and setting up realistic expectations for product owners.

Second talk:
Persuasion Secrets for Enterprise Software | Oscar Santolalla (Sales Engineer at Ubisecure, Author of “Create and Deliver a Killer Product Demo”, Podcast Host)

Present better, inspire people and sell more enterprise software products. You will learn from success stories and the best practices from successful enterprise/B2B companies (Intel, Cisco, Microsoft, Salesforce, etc) and executives and entrepreneurs. Key persuasion secrets:

1. Speak Simple, Concrete and with Power
2. Persuade with Metaphors
3. Become a Storyteller

All this piece of advice is based on concrete examples and quotes from enterprise/B2B and focused on this specific audience’s needs.

Third talk:
How to sell Security as a business priority | Bruno Almeida (Principal Architect, Technology Advisor at Futurice)

Security is a crucial part of Engineering projects but is often disregarded as something to be *added* later. DevOps culture today is a reality for many engineering teams. With the evolution of DevOps tooling and practices, there has been a shift in this trend.

Teams are now looking into security as part of their day to day and effectively establishing a DevSecOps Culture.

However, one aspect remains the same throughout the years: Engineers struggle to explain and “sell” the importance and need for security practices and tooling to Management & Business people.
In this talk, we are going to explore the unlikely similarities between Security, Sustainability and Green Economy. In the past, selling eco-friendly products, despite the positive connotation to the market, was not seen as a business priority. Today, it is close to a requirement to enable a company to remain competitive.

Security is the new green. Using green economy as an example, we will cover some of the common tricks and pitfalls that will enable a DevSecOps team to transform security requirements into business drivers to their company.

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Sales Coaching Session with Juha Oravala & Tambet Tallo

Tuesday, May 14, Maria 01 (Lapinlahdenkatu 16)

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1. Sweetspot of sales: how to create the situation, where the sale is most comfortable made?

Juha Oravala

Cold line no 1 in holiday ownership sales at Beverly Hills Club (Tenerife) , the global industry leader in that time. Juha was occupied in the business for 3 and half consecutive years and retired from the industry as a Sales Director, moved back to Finland and set up his first business: a consulting, training and recruiting company. This was 25 years ago. Since then Juha has been involved dozens of businesses as founder, investor or adviser. His main business today is D-Fence (cyber security) and Fennopoint (telemarketing). Juha has written lot of sales material and his “Always be Closing ” sales manual is nicknamed as “bible” in holiday ownership industry. As a person Juha is pragmatic and extremely result oriented person with emotional touch. Juha’s motto “I already did it” explains a lot. Passion for self improvement, boating and French bulldogs.

2. A free workshop provided by professional sales coach Tambet Tallo, covering:

– Handling Objections and Overcoming Excuses
– Advanced Closing Techniques
– Qualifying Correctly and Asking Better Questions
– Top Producer Mindset and Staying Motivated

Tambet Tallo

Over a period of 8 summers, Tambet sold books door-to-door with Southwestern Advantage, working 13 hours a day, 6 days a week. He is currently the European record holder for the longest summer sold—24 weeks. He is also in the top 100 out of 250,000 all-time producers in the 160-year-old company history with personal sales totaling more than $1,000,000. He has recruited and trained salespeople in Estonia and Poland. He has recruited and trained top first-year dealers and led 3 groups that finished in top 5% in the company.

Tambet is growth-minded and always striving to be the best version of himself. Tambet holds a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from Tallinn University of Technology, but his biggest passion is entrepreneurship and
sales. During his high school years, he became the Estonian champion in the 1,500 meters and 3,000 meters steeplechase running. In sales, besides being a top producer, his goal has always been to provide the best service to anyone he encounters. He lives by the saying, “Be the change you want to see in the world.“ His interests are investing, sports, running, health, and anything to do with personal development.

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Sell Like It Is 2019 meetup 12th March 5pm

Location: Sievo, Mikonkatu 15A, Helsinki:

1. Karla Nieminen: Welcome!

Karla is a rock star presenter who practises what she preaches. She works as a procurement analytics consultant at Sievo and offers people skills lectures, courses and tutoring trough her company Jäänmurtajat.

2. Jan Ropponen: “How to build customer centric sales organisation?Strategy, new roles in the commercial organization, role of sales”

Jan Ropponen helps B2B companies grow in highly competitive markets. He works with companies from industries such as telecom, manufacturing, insurance and technology.

3. Elisa Heikura: “Why don’t they get me (and therefore they don’t buy)?”

Elisa is a compassionate extrovert who has worked with lots of technical experts and specialists. She has noticed that some communication challenges keep popping up like the creatures in whack-a-mole. She has decided to figure out their true nature and then find a proper mallet.


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