Sell Like It Is 2019 meetup 12th March 5pm

Location: Sievo, Mikonkatu 15A, Helsinki:

1. Karla Nieminen: Welcome!

Karla is a rock star presenter who practises what she preaches. She works as a procurement analytics consultant at Sievo and offers people skills lectures, courses and tutoring trough her company Jäänmurtajat.

2. Jan Ropponen: “How to build customer centric sales organisation?Strategy, new roles in the commercial organization, role of sales”

Jan Ropponen helps B2B companies grow in highly competitive markets. He works with companies from industries such as telecom, manufacturing, insurance and technology.

3. Elisa Heikura: “Why don’t they get me (and therefore they don’t buy)?”

Elisa is a compassionate extrovert who has worked with lots of technical experts and specialists. She has noticed that some communication challenges keep popping up like the creatures in whack-a-mole. She has decided to figure out their true nature and then find a proper mallet.


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Presentation Tools Hackathon

Wednesday, November 21, 2018, 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Microsoft Oy, Keilalahdentie 2-4, Espoo

This time we will meet to learn tips and tricks about presentation tools and technologies.

The event will be in hackathon format: First a lesson about what you should know, then hands-on hacking.

In this hackathon, you’ll learn…
– how to leverage PowerPoint in a sales meeting to your benefit, instead of chaining you down
– tools to significantly speed up how you make ppt slides
– that making slides can be quick, easy and most of all, FUN.

Facilitated by Miika Karppinen, who is the main organizer behind Talk The Talk 2018, the program initiated by Slush to find & coach Finland’s next speaker superstars. Having coached TEDx speakers, Speakersforum keynote speakers, top-level executives and young professionals alike, Miika has a soft spot for beautiful visuals that bring your message to life, instead of draining your audience of it.

Please bring your own laptop if possible!

Remember to arrive latest by 16:45 as the office reception will be closed and the doors locked.



Software Sales Meetup


Time: 7th March 5pm to 7pm

Location: Ambientia Oy, Vuorikatu 16 A, Helsinki


1. Jan Ropponen

Key differences in won and lost opportunities – Succeeding in opportunity management


2. Elba Horta 

Business Model Canvas for Sales People: How to get customers and partners by articulating the strategy and sustainability of your business model

Selling to C-level executives or top managers is different form selling to technical influencers. They are not looking for technical features but for whether your company can live long term, can disrupt the market, can save them money, make them money, etc. All salespeople, including sales engineers must be able to explain their company’s business models and what is so great about them to help the sales effort.

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Account Based Marketing meetup, 29th August 2017

Image: Focs from Flickr (CC BY 2.0) by Mark Hunter

Account Based Marketing meetup

How to integrate marketing to sales process? Account or even deal based? Sales Engineering Finland is hosting Account Based Marketing event together with Micromedia.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 at 4 pm – 6 pm

Micromedia Oy (Bulevardi 21)

Preliminary agenda:

1. Strategic ABM deployment, and applying the same principles to deals

Mervi Virkajärvi, Senior Marketing Manager, Account Based Marketing Nordics at Fujitsu. ITSMA ABM Certified. Winner of B2B Marketing Awards in London 2012.

2.  Experiences, results and lessons learned

Timo Häkkinen, CEO Micromedia

3.  How to test ABM with minimum viable campaign

Timo Sorri, Founder and CEO at Havain Oy. Blog: Twitter: Timo_havain